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12ft x 36 inch Easy Set Pools

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SOLD OUT!!!!!!!

12FT x 36 inch Quick Up Pools,Fast Set Pools, Easy Set Pools, Easy Up Pools. These are the same design as the Intex Pools and Bestway Pools. The easiest pools in the world to set up. Ready for water in just 10 minutes. Buy today, swim tomorrow if you collect! The liner is supported by the inflatable top ring while the pool goes up all by itself as the water level rises. The pool has a convenient Drain Plug for easy emptying. Comes complete with electric 1/15 HP filter pump to keep the water clean. Side walls are 36 inches high and made from 3 separate internally reinforced layers of super tough, heavy gauge PVC. Ideal for families with small children. This pool holds 1800 Gallons of water.

This price includes: Pool Filter Pump Ladder Ground Sheet Debris Cover Repair Patches

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