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Designed for customers who want a big spa in a smaller package the new 2006 Halifax offers all the benefits and therapy of a large spa in a less obtrusive package. This spa is an excellent family and entertainment spa with a powerful 4 Hp pump and 34 adjustable hydrotherapy massage jets. The spa enables users to control the water flow so as to concentrate water flow to various seats for truly therapeutic muscle massage. The Halifax is upgraded with a 1.5Hp heated air blower that injects millions of heated, soothing bubbles into the spa. This 'soft tissue' massage system is excellent for skin therapy, exfoliating and opening up the skins blood vessels to increase blood flow and clear toxins from your skin.

Features: Electronic control pad - the nerve centre of the spa to control

SPECIFICATIONS Seating: 3-4 Persons Cabinet Size: 207 x 157 x 92 cm Dryweight: 750 lbs No. of Air Jets: 12 Manifold air jets & blower assist Heater Type: 3 Kw high Output Heater Aromatherapy: Dispenser Included Lights: 12 volt Safety Light with 2 Colour lens Cover:: Tapered Cover with Safety Locks Capacity: 980 litres Cabinet Skirt: Clear Cedar/With Full Base No. of Water Jets: 34 Controls: Electronic Digital Controls Pump Type: 3 Hp Dual Speed pump Blower Type: 1.5 Hp Heated Air Blower Ozone: Plasma cell Ozone Generator

THIS PRICE INCLUDES: Delivery, Warranty Package and INCLUDES INSTALATION with a 3 year Parts Only Warranty on all electrical and plumbing equipment. The spa surface is guaranteed for 10 years.

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