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New for 2006 The Victoria is an all seater with 4 deep seats and a foot dome. This spa is a favorite for those who like to entertain. The twin pumps and heated air blower make this a spa that not only looks good but gives the most powerful massage available today. This spa has all the latest storm jets, each of them you can controll with a quick twist of the outer ring.

SPECIFICATIONS Seating: 6-7 Persons Cabinet Size: 208cm x 228cm x 103cm Dryweight: 1200 lbs/545 Kg No. of Air Jets: 12 Manifold air jets & blower assist Heater Type: 3 Kw high Output Heater Aromatherapy: Dispenser Included Lights: 12 volt Safety Light with 2 Colour lens Cover:: Tapered Cover with Safety Locks Capacity: 340 Gallons/1690 litres Cabinet Skirt: Clear Cedar/With Full Base No. of Water Jets: 46 Controls: Electronic Digital Controls Pump Type: 2 x 4 Hp pumps Blower Type: 1.5 Hp Heated Air Blower Variable Speed Ozone: Plasma cell Ozone Generator

THIS PRICE INCLUDES: Delivery, Warranty Package and INCLUDES INSTALATION with a 3 year Parts Only Warranty on all electrical and plumbing equipment. The spa surface is guaranteed for 10 years.

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